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End Times


It is September 2015 and the last of the tetrad blood moons are filling our skies. The next tetrad is due in about a thousand years from now, ringing in The Last Day... But what does this entails according to the prophesies of Judaism, Christianity and Islam?


1. Coming of the false Messiah for Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
2. Coming of the Mahdi for Islam as a successor for Mohammad**.
3. Coming of the true Messiah* for Christianity and Islam.
4. Trials and tribulations for ALL true believers.
5. Final World War.
6. The "revelation" of the Prince of Peace who will reign a whole millennium until the Last Day.
7. The Last Day, including Judgment of ALL mankind to determine rewards or penalties.
8. Eternity follows...


According to Jewish tradition the Creator signals major events with signs in the heavens and one of these are "the moon will turn to blood". To enforce this major sign from the Creator it normally comes in fours (the tetrad). It appears roughly every thousand years. Which blood moons have mankind seen so far and which to come?
1. The deluge under prophet Noah (Nuh*).
2. The Exodus (plague number 9) under prophet Moses (Musa*).
3. The second exodus to Babylon under several prophets, including Dhul-Qufl*.
4. The earthquake during the Passover when substitute Judas Iscariot, the half brother of Jesus (Isa*), was crucified and Jesus (Isa*) was taken to heaven.
5. The so-called Dark Ages at the start of the second millenium CE as a precursor for #6.
6. Current tetrad of 2014-2015. This is the start of the prophetic last "week" of prophet Daniel (*) for the Jews. Within 7 moon years (NOT sun years) the last millennium under the Prince of Peace will be introduced. This is also time for the true new moon year starting approximately October 15, 2015 (Muharram 1437 according to the Muslim calender). It is suppose to be also the start of the Jewish new year and time for their yearly mourning and Day of Atonement... So by Muharram 1444 the last major cycle or millennium will start...
7. The Last Day.
That conclude the history of mankind as a major "week". You also get "week cycles" (49 years) and "week years" (7 years). These are linked to the semitah (resting cycles) and jubilee year in the Jewish faith. Muslim date approximately Muharram 2444.


The Mahdi has a name: Mohammad ibn Abdullah from the linage of Fathima***, the wife of prophet Mohammad**. He is NOT of the ISIS groups and black banners, but he will appear in their midst, i.e. this will be his time to appear. He will be revealed, according to Hadith, when the False Messiah appears in Israel. He will be standing about to touch the Black Stone at the Ka'aba. And all Muslims will know it is him and accept him as their leader.


This is a very good question! Christians says it is Jesus when he comes back, but ask a Jew and they will say NO! When you ask them about it, they say it is a TITLE for the one who comes from their brethren to lead the believers. What? That same verse is linked to revelation of Mohammad** in the Torah and Bible! But how? Muslims believe that Mohammad** is gone and will only return on the Last Day...

Let us go back to the day Mohammad** died. What did the angel of Death asked him? "Do you want to go now or.."

Why this question? The Creator had a Plan A and a Plan B, depending on Mohammad**'s answer, for the world. Plan A, Mohammad** DIES and returns to reign as the Prince of Peace for a millennium in his ETERNAL body. Plan B, Mohammad** does not die and reigns until The Last Day. The problem lies here: with Plan B there will NOT be a chance for the believers to be properly tested and Mohammad** would be nearly 3,000 years old when he goes into eternity... The prophet** decided for our own goodwill to leave us until after the death of Imam Mahdi, Isa* and the False Messiah so we can be properly TESTED...

As you can see, our prophet** had our best on his mind when he decided rather to die and return when we will need him most...


Imam Mahdi will among others, due to the ongoing sin of the world, even among Muslims, and the coming of the betrayal of the False Messiah, opens the closed gates of Makkah and Madinah (closed to non-Muslims by Mohammad** before his death) to all believers irrespective of their religion that need protection. These two cities will be the only safe havens on earth for two things: the False Messiah and the Earthquake. What earthquake? The one who would re-allign the heavens so the sun will come up in the WEST and after this there will be no more redemption for sin.


Ask any seismologist and he will confirm that over and above the known sounds the earth is rumbling that gets louder and louder. Ask any geologist and he will confirm the south and north poles has moved already several miles, not just yards as before, in the last hundred years alone. Put these two observations together and it makes the start of the BIGGEST EARTQUAKE since before Adam*! The crust is busy pivoting around the earth with Makkah as centre! There is a whole chapter in the Quran devoted to this earthquake (Surah Zilzal - chapter 99). This will happen about halfway through the last seven year week at about the time the False Messiah will declare himself god in the new Jewish temple that he will build under false pretences.


And now, what shall we do after reviewing all this?

You got TWO choices:
1. Ignore it all and declare it another farce from the mad Abdullah M.S. that is suppose to be a farce himself... You will be judged for this on Judgment Day...
2. Decide it is worth paying attention to. You next step is to ensure you are on the right side of the Creator. The best is to repent, repent, repent and seek, seek, seek... You will be rewarded on Judgment Day...

PS: I'm not the Mahdi, although my name appears to be similar. My name is not linked to him, though I do talk about him. My full name is Abdullah (title - servant of the Creator) Mohammad Siddique and my family history lies with the Jews 600 years ago. I became a Christian and reverted to Islam almost 10 years ago. So printing this, I print it for ALL believers, not just Muslims...

* AS - Blessings on the prophet
** SAW - Peace and blessings on the last prophet Mohammad
*** RA - Greetings to the direct follower of the last prophet SAW

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